La Reina Pepiada (the curvy queen)

Thanks Toronto for a great welcoming!
Arepa Café opened few months ago offering a new dish to the urbanity of the city, the arepa. Daily, our corn meal sandwich becomes an alternative meal to hungry urban citizens looking for healthy food, and we appreciate your support.

We are Venezuelans, and our food is unpretentiously delicious. Food made from traditional recipes keeping authenticity in flavors adapting to fresh local ingredients. Our creative team brings unique Latin American dishes made from scratch with hard work, and passion.
We are also Canadians, understanding culture provides wisdom to help market the arepa, adding culinary richness of around the world to the city of Toronto.

Arepa Café is an effort contributing positive thinking through simplicity, beauty, and delicious food. Everyday day we hope for a good Venezuela.

photos by Vince Talotta.


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