OCT 01

On Saturday, October First two events will take place at Arepa Café. First, Soupalicious.ca at Exhibition Place serving Pisca Andina creation of Luis Manuel Cordoba, Principal Chef of our restaurant.


A traditional Venezuelan breakfast dish, pisca andina is a type of simple cheesy potato soup that uses cilantro. Most common in the Andes mountain region, pisca andina is said to offer a warming solution to chilly mornings. Usually simple to make, this soup generally uses few ingredients and is often served with arepas, a type of corn tortilla.


And then, the evening of Nuit Blanche, the restaurant will be open until 4 am, fully license. Come and enjoy a Mill Street Organic Beer or a glass of Niagara Malivoire Wine, last call at four am.
We also serve Rum and Cokes to complete our small bar selection.

Arepas will be served all night. Art, friends, drinks and arepas for a nice break.

Arepa Café is very pleased to present as entertainment, The Upper Canada Choristers with the Latin Ensemble "Cantemos"

This is he begging of October for Arepa Café.