☛Arepa Café founder Eduardo Lee and partner Marc Lukacs got together with Chef Carlos Fuenmayor to reaffirm a great connection and excellent team work at the Brick Works Picnic showcasing Sabrosito.

The picnic was a fundraising event in support of Evergreen and Slow Food Toronto.

"The theme of this year's Picnic was " locally global" in recognition of the many cultural groups from around the world who make Toronto their home and enrich the city through their diverse food traditions. Connecting the global palate using foods grown locally is a wonderful opportunity to bring environmental and cultural traditions together, and in the case of the Picnic, into a delicious mouthful." www.evergreen.ca

Sabrosito served a delicious organic Delicato Squash Stew with locally made Queso Fresco, topped with a siqui-siqui sauce.

Arepa Café team is proud to participate with chef Sabrosito, creating a network within Toronto's culinary experts, and supporting events like this towards our integration in the city's gastronomy.


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